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How's My Goddamned Driving?

Have some crit or a suggestion? Want to compliment how I play Torin? Do you want to plot something out with her? Here's a place to put constructive criticism or whatever else you'd like to do. Anonymous commenting should be enabled, and IP logging should be off.


[Fourth Wall Day]

My, what was that noise?

And all these new arrivals, too. Has the captain gone more mad than usual?
[A small sigh. Cyrus' voice comes out of Torin's comm, but it doesn't hold the same inflection as his normally would, nor use the same speaking pattern.]

As fun as being a man was, I would rather prefer to go back to my own body now.

Cyrus, I believe I have something of yours. I'm assuming that means you have something of mine as well.

((OOC: As Froggles is on hiatus, her thread will be backdated <3 ))

♦ 006 [Age event] (Eleversary 1)

[The world is a big scary place, and Torin is just a tiny girl. She'd been in the temple with Jhirem, giving the taller Deity a hug, and when she pulled away she was in a strange room, full of strange equipment. It looked like the training room, but she wasn't allowed into the training room yet!

She picks up the comm she sees on a table, rattling it. It turns on, and a small voice comes out.]


This isn't funny, you know....

....Hello? Geren Lael ?

[Torin can be responded to over the comms, or found in the gym or on Deck 03.]
Roll, I believe I offered you a demonstration of my abilities?

[The message repeats in text, with Roll's name replaced with Nel's. Torin shuts the comm off once she's done.

She's currently on Deck 13, as far from the temple as she can manage (as it's still closed off.)]

♦ 004 [24-Hour Event] (Audio/English)

[...A sigh.]

Like a few others, I have found myself handcuffed to my headboard.

I was in the middle of reading. And now my book is all the way over there.

Would someone mind coming in and assisting me for a moment? It's nothing intimate, but I would like my book. And maybe something to eat, depending on how long we're expected to stay this way.

Help is appreciated.

[Click! No text this time, sorry.]
[There is only so long Torin can keep wearing the outfit she came on board with combined with the clothing she'd scavenged here and there, and only so long she can occupy herself with exploring and the things in her room.

Therefore, she is now dividing her time between going through luggage on Deck 12, and exploring the bazaar on Deck 08, and going back to her room on Deck 05. She'll be gathering clothing, blank sketching notebooks, canvas if she finds any, art stands, paints, pencils, books... you get the picture.

But she feels like talking, too!]

Would anyone be willing to tell me about their worlds? Technology level, day-to-day things, plants and animals, magic or lack therof ... or anything you feel like sharing, really.

[The message repeats in text.]
[The communicator clicks on after a moment.]

-- recording now? 

[Torin clears her throat.]

Greetings, Elegante. My name is Torin Navekha, and I guess you could say that I'm new. I thought it would be best to introduce myself. I have... already been told about our situation, but any more or new information would be welcome.

[A pause. She's not really sure what to say now.]

If... any of you know anything about a place called Kouhyar or Askoupur, please respond as well.

[What she really wants to say - let me go home, I was in the middle of an important investigation, my world is not gone - she doesn't. The comm clicks off, and the same message repeats in text a moment later.]

♦ 001 (Open Commentlog)

It was strange and just a bit scary. One moment she had been opening the door to go back into the temple; the next, she was standing in a strange room, without her weapon or the priest she'd been talking to.

Torin froze.

"Jhirem?" She hesitantly called out the name of her deity, on the off chance this was some small trick of his. There was no response, and that worried her more than if there had been one.

She glanced around, noting the layout of the room, stepping further into it. Her stomach was still a knot of unease, and it seemed the room shifted as she walked around it, examining what appeared to be a key card and some sort of device. The device didn't appear to be Aspurran in design, however.

When she got to the window, the reason for what seemed the shifting was answered. She was clearly on a vessel of some sort, on the ocean.

She rested her hand on the glass, staring at the blue water. Had she been kidnapped, possibly by some sort of magic? Perhaps the same kidnappers that had taken the children? If so, why the admittedly comfortable surroundings?

The knowledge of the types of slavers that existed made her stomach clench more. Clean slate training, or brainwashing perhaps?

She turned from the window, taking what she knew was the card key and the strange device, and exited the room to investigate.

((OOC: Open commentlog, first or third-person style~ Torin is currently on Deck 5. Feel free to run into her anywhere.))


app for ms elegante

Your Name: Taisha
Age: 19
Username: azkaban_hunter 
Email: azkabanhuntress@yahoo.com
IM: AIM @ hellotaifoot
Character Name: Torin NavekhaCollapse )